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ILHC 2016 比賽結果與影片 2018-03-01T11:22:32+00:00

Lindy Hop Classic

First Place: Jakob Bergelin & Anna Forss (Sweden)

Second Place: Felix Berghäll & Eleonor Kollberg (Sweden) 

Third Place: Fabien Vrillon & Lisa Clarke (France) 


Lindy Hop Pro-Classic Invitational

First Place: Remy Kouakou Kouame & Ramona Staffeld (France / US)

Second Place: Remy Kouakou Kouame & Alice Mei (France)

Third Place: Vincenzo Fesi & Moe Sakan (Italy / Japan) 

第一名及第二名的編舞實在是太精采了,絕對是列入Lindy Hop經典排舞之一,特別是第一名的選曲如此平凡卻能編出如此棒的編舞,真的是給所有舞者上了一課。


Lindy Hop Showcase

First Place: Fabien Vrillon & Lisa Clarke (France)

Second Place: Nils Andrén & Bianca Locatelli (Sweden)

Third Place: Jean Philippe Delort & Angelique Larque (France) 


Lindy Hop Pro-Showcase Invitational

First Place: Jakob Bergelin & Anna Forss (Sweden)

Second Place: Felix Berghäll & Mikaela Hellsten (Sweden) 

Third Place: Pontus Spelmans & Lena Magnusson (Sweden)


Lindy Pro-Am Follows

First Place: Wilma Edlund & Felix Berghäll 

Second Place: Dasha Kuzmenko & Remy Kouakou Kouame

Third Place: Sophie Wijesuriya & Skye Humphries


Lindy Pro-Am Leads

First Place: John Holmstrom & Jo Hoffberg

Second Place: Michael Grosser & Jo Hoffberg

Third Place: Marcus Nutzinger & Jo Hoffberg


Solo Jazz/Charleston

First Place: Remy Kouakou Kouame (France)

Second Place: Naomi Uyama (US)

Third Place: Laura Glaess (US) 



Lindy Hop Team

First Place: Team Sweden

Second Place: Special Delivery Stomp

Third Place: The Hop Spotters 


Strictly Lindy-Open

First Place: Andrew Jose & Kelly Young (US)

Second Place: Edward Stanley (ted) & Morgan Bates (US)

Third Place: David Deenik & Cassie Stoa (US)


Strictly Lindy- Advanced

First Place: Gustav Jakobsson & Laia Puig Azagra (Sweden / Spain)

Second Place: James Pack & Shannon Lea Watkins (US) 

Third Place: Ben White & Ariel Goh (US) 


All-Star Strictly Lindy

First Place: Jakob Bergelin & Anna Forss (Sweden)

Second Place: Pontus Spelmans & Lena Magnusson (Sweden)

Third Place: Nils Andrén & Bianca Locatelli (Sweden)


Invitational Strictly Lindy

First Place: Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama (US)

Second Place: Nick Deniau & Mikaela Hellsten (France / Sweden) 

Third Place: Remy Kouakou Kouame & Alice Mei (France)


First Place: Viktor Edlund & Wilma Edlund

Second Place: Brandon Barker & Leith Conybeare

Third Place: Dasha Kuzmenko & Alexis Davilla


LotD Open

First Place: Jesus Serrano Piqueras & Marissa Goldenstein

Second Place: Jordon Chan & Dasha Kuzmenko

Third Place: Joe Pace & Wilma Edlund


LotD Advanced

First Place: Dan Repsch & Cassie Stoa

Second Place: Jasper Palfree & Kate Feldman

Third Place: James Pack & Earanee Niedzwiecki 


LotD All-Star

First Place: Anthony Chen & Lisa Clarke

Second Place: Rafal Pustelny & Gaby Cook 

Third Place: Felipe Braga & Jenna Applegarth


Invitational Luck of the Draw

First Place: Nicolas Deniau & Ramona Staffeld

Second Place: Vincenzo Fesi & Laura Glaess

Third Place: Remy Kouakou Kouame & Mikaela Hellsten 2


Strictly Balboa

First Place: Todd Yannacone & Nikki Marvin (US) 

Second Place: David Lee & Chelsea Lee (US)

Third Place: Andreas Olsson & Jennifer Lee (Sweden / US)


Luck of the Draw Balboa

First Place: David Lee & Lana Mykhaylyuk 

Second Place: Joe Pace & Heather Ballew

Third Place: Andreas Olsson & Moe Sakan