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Hello, my name is Hank, I doubled as webmaster and principal author of The Swing Story site, meanwhile I am also a fan of Swing Dance. Enter this page means you have read a few articles. Do you eager to know the details of The Swing Story website? Eager to know something about the author? No problem! Just sit down like a friend and listen to the story of the building of the website.

It’s a Friday night in May, 2015, I go out of lab for a stroll. I remember the solitary moon hanging in the sky, the light breeze lightly kisses, it’s a very night for relaxing. As I passed by the dancing-floor of Huashan, strange jazz music drifted faintly, and a group of strangers unraveling in front of my eyes, with the lissom dance — spinning, jumping happily — and the beautiful Ending Pose.

Unlike the dance in my impression, this is a pas de deux. A question came over me: how could these people be so happy? At this point, someone asked me if I want to have a experience in learning some simple steps, I was actually muddleheaded and set foot on the wooden floor. I recall the moment I just began learning, my hands was so clumsy, I stared at my feet nervously lest I would be stumbled by myself for a wrong movement! I feel like a idiot when thinking about it now! Ha ha!

Learned later that this Dance has probably been called “Swing Dance”, it is like some kind of ballroom dance, need a partner for dance. the first time I take the girl by the hand made me shivered a little! I will never forget the face of my dancing partner, though it was night, the dim light fell on her face, vaguely remember the bean big sweat slid down from her cheeks to her chin, finally succumb slowly to the floor, then I found out that she was more nervous than me. The night that should have been strolling was just devoted to Swing Dance.

That Night, I forgot the depression, feel so alive, although I know the pressure still exists, the happiness of this moment has quietly sprouted within me. By July, I formally signed up for the dancing class, started the journey of Swing Dance. Time flies, now I have grown from a learner to a sharer, and became a teacher of Swing Dance. The original tension has gone, but the primal throb still exists in my heart. Due to the lack of the dancing background, I have a better understanding of the student who has no dancing background than a teacher who has a street dancing background about why they are stuck!

After a period of dancing, I want to help my students and the new friends who would like to join the Swing Dance to quickly familiar with such a glamorous dance. But each time someone asking me questions, I need to answer again, though still full of enthusiasm and carefully imparting the knowledge of me, but just think it will not address the fundamentals, so I thought to solve this once and for all, that why don’t you set up a blog? Could either help students and friends, or could further help these people who have the same questions, meanwhile could write a review or a idea about some other things, why not? So The Swing Story was born with the muds of this idea.

So far, that’s the story about The Swing Story, but it’s not the end of the whole story, this is just the beginning, and it will continue!!

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