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  • Frankie Manning

    Introducing Frankie Manning: Lindy Hop Ambassador, and Dance Extraordinaire

    If you’re talking about swing dancing it’s impossible not to talk about Frankie Manning. Born May 26, 1914, in Jacksonville, Florida, he’s considered one of the original founders of the Lindy Hop. In fact, as a dancer, choreographer, and instructor, he actually won several awards, [...]

  • shag

    Introducing the Shag: The Swing Dance that Isn’t Quite Swing

    When it comes to the shag dance you may not have heard as much about it as some of the other styles of swing, but it’s definitely one that you should be looking at because it can be fun. Of course, you have to be [...]

  • Charleston

    Introducing the Charleston: The Scandal of the 1920s

    When it comes to wild, fun and crazy moves, this was one of the dances that were considered to combine them all. Not only that but it was once considered so wild and crazy that it actually managed to be banned! That’s something that not [...]

  • Lindy Hop

    Introducing the Lindy Hop: The Foundation of Swing

    It’s hard to talk about swing dancing without also talking about the Lindy Hop. After all, this was one of the first types of swing dancing to really take off and it’s one that actually continues to be popular to this day. So, let’s take [...]

  • shim-sham

    Introducing the Shim Sham: Making it Fun and Wild From Beginning to End

    This style of dance definitely sounds funny, but it’s one that swing dancers know as one of the best line dances out there. It’s been known by a number of additional names, from the sham to the shim sham shimmy, but no matter what you [...]

  • Swing Dance Types

    Swing Dance Types That Made it Past the 1920s and Just What Makes Them Fun

    There are a whole lot of different types of swing dance out there, and the truth is that we have no clue what used to be out there. Because it was almost 100 years ago, there’s actually very few different styles of swing dance that [...]

  • Swing Music and Swing Dance

    Swing Music and Swing Dance: What It’s Really All About

    Have you ever actually heard of swing music? Have you paid attention to what it’s really all about? If you’ve ever wondered about swing, then this is definitely where you want to be because we’re going to talk all about it. We’re going to explore [...]

  • The Origins of Jazz

    The Origins of Jazz

    “If music is a place, then jazz is the city.”  -  Vera Nazarian. Talk about jazz is talk about a music genre that has been so historically wide and so socially cultural that is hard not to see this music style as something that is [...]

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  • The Origins of Jazz

The Origins of Jazz

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  • Swing Dance Types

Swing Dance Types That Made it Past the 1920s and Just What Makes Them Fun

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